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Poster presentations:

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1993 – 2000         Annual Society for Neuroscience meetings (Posters)


1998                UNESCO conference on Developing Standards and Practices for Electronic Publishing, Paris (Invited talk)

1999                NIPS Multielectrode Recording Workshop, Breckenridge, (Invited talk)

2000                International Conference on Aspects of Neuronal Dynamics, Bremen (Invited talk)

2000                Seminars Series in Neuroscience: Hebrew University

2000                Course on Neural Coding, (undergraduate/graduate level) University of Szeged Invited lecture series

2004                VSS: Vision Sciences Society, Sarasota FL (Poster)

2005                ECVP: European Conference on Visual Perception, Budapest (Poster)

2006                MEA SYMPOSIUM “Multielectrode array studies and neuronal plasticity: views and perspectives on experimentation and data analyses”, Amsterdam (Invited talk)

2008                Society for Neuroscience (2008) “Encoding and decoding information by the phase of action potentials” Neuroscience Meeting Planner. Washington DC: Society for Neuroscience, 514.5. Online.

2008                Sloan-Swartz Centers for Theoretical Neurobiology Annual Meeting, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

2009                CNIC, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France

2009                Hungarian vision science conference, Szeged, Hungary

2010                COSYNE workshop  (invited talk) “Disentangling perceptual biases in the primary visual cortex”

2010                Vision Sciences Society annual meeting, Naples, FL “Perception of apparent motion relies on postdictive interpolation”

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